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Relationships and Love mp3 Meditations

Image of Relationships and Love mp3 Meditations


Are you looking for love, ready for love or trying to improve your love relationships?

These Hypnosis/Meditation sessions will make the changes in your beliefs that will change your life.

Each meditation/hypnosis recording is designed with change in mind. All music composed with Reiki energy and healing in mind. Spend this time (18-30 minutes) with me as often as you need to to find balance, peace and healing in your life.

Available as MP3 Only

Draw Love to You - When you're ready to create the magic of romantic love.

Better Relationships - Helps you connect with others in all aspects of your life.

Get Over Your EX - Let go and move into something even better.

Increase Your Passion - Want more good sex? Have more good sex!

Release Fear of Commitment - Don't lose out on love because of what might happen.

Get Married - Are you ready to draw that ONE and ONLY relationship to you?

Relationship 911 - Do you need help keeping this relationship from crashing and burning?

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