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Heal Your Past & Find Peace mp3 Meditations

Image of Heal Your Past & Find Peace mp3 Meditations


When you realize you can only control your response it's time to change your feelings.

Each meditation/hypnosis recording is designed with change in mind. All music composed with Reiki energy and healing in mind. Spend this time (18-30 minutes) with me as often as you need to to find balance, peace and healing in your life.

Available as MP3 Only

Find Forgiveness - When you are ready to forgive for your healing.

Heal Your Grief - You never forget or stop loving - love never dies, however you can stop hurting.

Stress Less - Learn how to let go of stressful thoughts.

Relax NOW - Relax and be in peace.

Release Anger - Anger is energy demanding to change what is.

Release Anger and Embrace Joy - You can be a peace and have healthy boundaries.

Release Guilt and Shame - Will help you underhand you were doing the best you could and forgive yourself.

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